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Invitation to QR Study Group
This season the HCA managed to supply a considerable number of members with nucs, which consisted of at least 5 frames of bees, if not a full brood box. This was achieved because it was an exceptional season of warm weather, swarms and luck rather than a well thought out queen rearing programme.

In 2023 it would be good to take this experience forward and aim to rear queens and nucs which are suitable for the local conditions. This initiative is currently supported by BBKA and all beekeepers are being encouraged not to import queens but to select the best colonies and use those to rear locally adapted bees.

To take this forward for KBKA we are going to use the structure of Module 7 on selection & breeding of Honey Bees including Queen rearing for our intermediate winter study. For our first session on Wednesday, 4th January at Imber Court, we are going to look at the first six points. Please print a copy of the syllabus from the BBKA website and bring it along for use in discussion because it is an excellent starting point.

See you at Imber Court, Ember Lane, KT8 0BT at 7.30 pm in the small conference room upstairs.

Happy new year,

p.s. All members are welcome to join this informal relaxed study group, beginners & experts alike. This is the first of several sessions. Book these dates into your diary :

  • 4th Jan 2023
  • 25th Jan
  • 8th Feb
  • 22rd Feb
  • 8th March
  • 22rd March
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