KBKA : Your invite to the apiary tomorrow ! Check out the new sandbox

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All invited to the Apiary on Saturday 10th
Do come to the apiary tomorrow to get together and swap notes about what the bees are up to. Also check out the new sandpit for extinguishing the smokers, particularly useful when the grass is tinder dry. We shall start tea about 3.30pm after we close up the hives. Kindly park carefully in Broadfields and walk in.

Recently a couple of beekeepers were stung and we realised they were stung outside the hut just as they removed their veils. So the sandpit has also become the spot for checking your buddy has no bees on them before leaving the apiary for the gazebo.

Anyway, looking forward to getting together for cakes, cuppa and a bit of banter. Do bring a mug for your tea !

Varroa research
Stephen Martin Professor Emeritus Sheffield University is carrying out research into how honeybees are reducing varroa mite populations by uncapping and then recapping brood cells. Bald brood in a straight diagonal line is the wax moth, but cells which have been uncapped in an apparently random fashion have been done so by the bees trying to detect varroa mites. If uncapped at a crucial period the mites are unable to survive.

It would be useful to photograph these uncapped cells and discover whether they have been recapped at the next inspection and also how to recognise this uncapping, which apparently goes on far more than the beekeeper is aware. This is an excellent trait to have in your bees and an ideal colony to breed from.

Please share your observations on the KBKA facebook page. (This is a KBKA members only group, just request to join and you will be added)
From Avis Marshall

A reminder for new beekeepers … when you get your first colony please check your membership status as you must have insurance. Very simply, if you have bees then you should be a Registered or Junior Member.

Contact membershipandcourses to double check or change your membership details.

KBKA always asks all members to register on BeeBase to help co-ordinate beekeepers information across the country – if you need help just ask.

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