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Dear fellow beekeepers

Every year Habel orders supplies of jars, varroa treatment from CJ Wynne for KBKA members. We get free delivery and better prices, where we achieve higher product order quantities. The quote below is a guide illustrating this.

Please let Habel know if you need any of the jars or other products for your personal Hives. If you need something that’s not listed on this quote, look up the Cj Wynne website and advise the price, vat and ref number colour etc. He is happy to order it for you.

Important: send your email orders or enquiries, direct to Habel habeladamjee and not to one of the authorised issuers of our Association’s emails. Previously some emails went astray and did not reach Habel so were either not fulfilled or were fulfilled only as they followed up the request. The deadline is 27 July.

Hope you all get loads of golden honey!!

Collection info. will be advised when the delivery has been received. The delivery will go to Ian’s facility, who will bring a trailer to the apiary on the next Saturday afternoon for people to collect.

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